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Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has notified vide its notification dated 10th September, 2018 that all unlisted public company shall issue securities only in dematerialised form and facilitate dematerialization of all its existing securities.

The effective date for the notification is 2nd October 2018.
All transfers of shares shall be in the dematerialisation form only of and after 2nd October 2018.

Issue Management including IPO, FPO, Right offers & Preferential issue
  • Providing electronic services to corporate for securities and debt instruments.
  • Transfer/Transmission/Transposition/nomination of securities.
  • Sub – division / split and consolidation of securities.
  • Exchange of certificate and Call endorsement of share certificates.
  • Call notice to shareholders / beneficiaries.
  • ISIN activation and Demat/ Remat of securities.
  • Buy – back of securities and De-listing of securities.
  • Merger / De-merger/ Acquisition of securities.
  • IPO / FPO, Bonus , Rights Issues and Processing  Dividend Warrants.
  • Arrangement for holding AGM / EGM, Postal Ballot and Attendance Slips for AGM / EGM.
  • Interest payments and redemption of bonds and debt instruments.
  • Processing of interest register.
  • Commercial Papers and debt instruments.
  • ESOP and Lock-in and partly paid up securities.
  • Rectification of errors, fraction elimination and Investor Complaints.
  • Reports : List of Shareholders, Transfer Register, Transmission Register, Split Register, Duplicate Register, Consolidation, Demat/Remat Registers, Mailing List, Dividend Register, Complaints Status, Merger Register, De-merger Register, Index Register, Allotment Register etc. and the report to be submitted with statutory authorities.
Corporate Debt Issues
  • Allotment of debt instruments - RTA Activities
  • Corporate action form, list of allottees & Board Resolution from the company.
  • Verification of data from depository.
  • Letter to depository for credit and Conformation from depository.
  • Execution of corporate action and rejection checking – after uploading the file.
Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Check for electronic connectivity – whether ISIN activated or not.
  • Information from the company about the details of CP sent to NSDL / CDSL.
  • Issuing Paying Agent (IPA) certificate for allotment from IPA.
  • Letter to NSDL for credit of Commercial paper.
  • Confirmation from NSDL for execution of Corporate Action.
  • Execution of Corporate Action/Release of Corporate Action Information.
  • IPA Redemption Certificate from IPA for redemption.
  • Confirmation from depository for release of corporate action.
  • Execution of Corporate Action.
  • Physical to Demat and Demat to Physical - RTA Activities
  • Physical verification for option cases, file creation, file verification with depository, marking of rejected cases and Final file creation for clear cases.
  • Letter to depository for option cases, confirmation from depository and file uploading. Rejection checking – after uploading the file, rejections if any due to debit/credit
  • Individual clients could not be effected, clients accounts suspended for debit/credit, invalid client status account closed by the client, insufficient balance etc.
ESOP Management
  • Intimation from company prior to allotment of ESOP for file verification.
  • Confirm & copy of corporate action form and details for allotment from the company.
  • Letter to depository for credit of shares and Confirmation from depository.
  • Execution of corporate action and rejection checking – after uploading the file.
Transaction Advisory Services
  • Scheme & record date from the company.
  • Master Creation Form from the company to NSDL for new ISIN.
  • Set up of record date and auto corporate action in depositories.
  • Updating of physical data upto record date and marking of option cases if any.
  • Verification of option cases and allotment as per scheme.
  • Corporate action for allotment & Board Resolution from the company to depository.
  • Confirmation from depository for release of Auto Corporate action.
  • Checking of rejection and formalities for option cases & fraction elimination if any.
Commercial Papers - RTA Activities
  • Corporate action form from the company and list of holders for lock in of shares.
  • Letter to depository and confirmation from depository.
  • Release of corporate action for debit of free shares.
  • On successful debit of shares, release of corporate action for credit of lock in shares.

SEBI vide circular no. SEBI/HO/MIRSD/DOP1/CIR/P/2018/73 dated 20th April, 2018 has advised us to obtain bank details and PAN details of the shareholders and update the same in the back of the company for all future purposes.

To enable us to comply the directions of above SEBI circular, you are requested to please provide the following information as mentioned below:

      1. Your bank details such as bank account number, bank branch, MICR number and IFSC code along with a copy of the original cancelled cheque.

      2.  A self- attested copy of the PAN card (In case of joint account self -attested copies of the PAN card of all the account holder)

FAQ and queries

Change of address

1. What is the procedure for getting the new address recorded?

Answer: In case the shares held by you are in physical form, kindly send the request letter signed by the shareholder (in case of joint holders duly signed by all the joint holders) with self-attested copies of PAN Card/Aadhaar Card) giving the new address with pin code. Please quote your folio number. In case the shares are held in demat/electronic form, please inform your DP.

What is Electronic Clearing Service (ECS)

Answer: Under the system, you can receive the dividend electronically by way of direct credit to your bank account. This also avoids loss / fraudulent interception of dividend warrants during postal transit and amount is instantly credited in your account.


I have not received my dividend. How to get the dividend?

Answer: Please write to us quoting the name of the company /folio no / client ID (in case the shares are held in demat form) and the year for which you have not received the dividend duly signed by the first holder of the shares. After verification of records, we will provide the status to you as per records.

Loss of share Certificates

I have lost / misplaced my share certificates. What are the steps to get the duplicate share certificates?

Answer: Please write to us immediately about loss of share certificates quoting the name of the company/ folio no. and details of share certificates if available. We will mark a caution on your folio to prevent any further transfer of shares. Please also lodge a complaint with the police authorities regarding loss of share certificates and provide an acknowledged copy of the same to us with your request letter duly signed by all the joint holders if held in joint names. We shall advise you the formalities to be complied with for issue of duplicate share certificates in lieu of the lost one. In case the lost share certificate are lodged with the company with a valid transfer deed by a third party for transfer, the case will be dealt with on the basis of relevant facts and we shall advise you further course of action at that time.


I wish to split split/consolidate my share certificates. What is the procedure?

Answer: Please forward the share certificate with a written request duly signed by all the joint-holders as per specimen signatures recorded with us.


How do I make a nomination with regard to my shareholding?

Please submit a nomination form duly filled in duplicate duly signed (in case of joint holding, all the holders need to sign the nomination form). After the form is received by the company and is found to be in order, a registration number is allotted to the nomination. A duplicate copy of the nomination form received will be returned back to you with an endorsement indicating the registration number with date. The is procedure is for shares held in physical form. In case the share are held in demat / electronic form, the nomination has to be recorded by your Depository Participant.

Transfer of shares

I have purchased physical shares. What is the procedure to get them registered in my name? Asnwer: You will have to send the share certificates along with the Share Transfer Deed duly filled in, executed and affixed with share transfer stamps at .025% of the market value on the date of execution of the transfer deed. The share, along with the Share Transfer Deed will have to be sent to us at the following address:

Abhipra Capital Ltd Abhipra

Complex, A-387, Dilkhush Industrial Area,

G T Karnal, Azadpur, Delhi-110033

In normal course, it takes around 15 days to register the transfer in the name of the transferee, and the share certificates are dispatched to you.

Transmission of shares

In case of joint holdings in the event of death of one shareholder, how do the surviving joint holders get the shares transmitted in their name?

Answer: The surviving shareholders will have to submit a request letter supported with an attested copy of the Death Certificate of the deceased shareholder and the relevant share certificates. On receipt of share certificates with the said documents will delete the name of the deceased shareholder from its records and return the share certificates to the applicant/ registered holder duly endorsed and authenticated.

If the shares are held in the single name, how can his legal heirs get the shares transmitted in their names?

Answer: The legal heirs will have to obtain a Succession Certificate or Letter of Administration or probated copy of the WILL issued by competent Court and submit a true copy of the same duly notarised along with a request letter, transmission form and all the share certificates in original for transfer in their name.


There are two depositories in India and we have connectivity with both of them (NSDL & CDSL).

Our Services

  • Providing electronic connectivity to corporates for securities and debt instruments.
  • Transfer / Transmission / Transposition of shares (securities) / Nomination of shares.
  • Sub –division / consolidation / split up of securities.
  • ISIN activation / Demat and Remat of securities.
  • Commercial Paper and debt instruments.
  • ESOP and Lock-in of securities.
  • IPO, Bonus, Right Issues and payment of dividend. Arrangement of holding AGM / EGM,
  • Postal Ballot and Attendance Slips for AGM/EGM.
  • Resolution of investor complaints.

Reports; Share Holding Pattern, Secretarial Audit Certificate, Certificate under clause 47 ( c ), List of shareholders, Transfer Register, Transmission Register, Split Register, Duplicate Register, Consolidation Register, Demat and Remat Register, Dividend Register, Index Register and Allotment Register and mailing List etc.